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Power Curve’s XP-7000 cleaner drastically reduces poor engine performance due to a dirty inefficient fuel system, controls water and inhibits corrosion, while increasing fuel economy, It is designed to be added to gasoline engines every 5,000 miles (highway driving) or 3,000 miles in severe driving conditions (city driving) resulting in improved mileage and great savings.Power Curve XP-7000 contains detergents designed to eliminate deposits and deliver fuel system cleanliness in the fuel tank, carburetor, fuel injectors, intake valves, and combustion chamber. It will clean and maintain a clean fuel system, increasing engine performance, throttle response, acceleration, and economy. Its formula contains cleaning agents so powerful that they are registered with the EPA as a detergent component for gasoline at the refinery level and also contains a unique lubricant to help reduce piston ring and valve wear.

8oz to 1 tank of gas.

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