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Power Curve is committed to maintaining the operational systems of present and future vehicles, motorcycles, boats and small engines with a superior product line that exceeds all competitors. Our products penetrate the porosity of the metal and provide a smooth metal to metal operation, reducing friction and temperatures–improving the economy of the engines operation. Power Curve’s formula DOES NOT contain chlorine, silicone, graphite or Teflon (PTFE) and WILL NOT VOID any manufacturer’s warranties. Power Curve formula DOES NOT change the chemical composition of the engine oil. It is merely used as a carrier for the Power Curve product penetration to the “hot spots” problem areas.


Power Curve formula eliminates cold start damage. The product penetrates the metal and protects without engine oil being present. Power Curve fuel booster products enhance engine operation with alternative fuels such as ethanol and biodiesel without adding sulfur. The use of Power Curve products also lowers emissions of harmful toxins released into the atmosphere.

Look what it does for an automobile air conditioner!

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